Projects and struggles in the US

On the occasion of the visit of a comrade from Bloomington, US, we will have a last-minute discussion in Acrata, this Tuesday 16 April at 7PM.

In a spirit of exchange of experiences and context, she will bring up certain themes like the increasing police and surveillance cameras, the construction of new and more prisons, the quiet implementation of new austerity measures, the struggles of those without papers and the struggles of those in prison.

How can we position ourselves against the violence that maintains a crippling social peace – in Belgium, the US and everywhere?

At this moment, a student strike is going on in Bloomington, 25% of the courses are cancelled. Certain sectors of workers call to follow the strike; there’s a wave of strike in the air that is not proposed by the unions. Anarchists there agitate around this, while having reservations. It will be an occasion to have some direct info and share a few reflexions on the subject.

We will also present a freshly published booklet around anti-prison struggles in the ’90 in Indiana. “Down, reflexions on prison resistance in Indiana, 2012”, copies will be available.




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